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A Photographers Color Wheel Chart is a must have for computer processing of Digital or Scanned Photographs.

Photographic Color Wheel Chart $3.49 was $4.49

Shipping & Handling  [GA residents subject to 7.00% Sales Tax]

 USPS USA Domestic First Class: $2.25 ($0.75 each additional Chart)

 USPS USA Domestic Priority: $5.25 ($0.75 for each additional Chart)

 USPS International First Class: $3.25 ($1.50 each additional Chart)

 USPS International Priority: $17.05 ($1.50 for each additional Chart)

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Laminated for durability

The Card is 4" x 6" with 4-5/32" x 6-5/32" Lamination

This is one of those tools that should be on top of your desk, or hanging from your monitor at all times.

A Color Wheel Chart is a standard tool for professional digital photographers.

Included on the chart is an illustrated Color Wheel, and detailed instructions on how to use a Color Wheel.

We apologize for the low quality image of our Color Wheel Chart, but it is necessary to deter visitors from printing an illegal copy. The shipped product is of the highest print quality.

GEP Store does not make any warranty that use of this product
will guarantee the quality of photo's taken by the user.

Instructions on Chart

Understand the "Pairing" and interaction of colors.

Color Adjustments
Know exactly what effect adjusting a specific color will have. Now fixing Color Cast issues are
No Issue At All !

Color Mixing
Know at a glance, what colors to mix to get the color your looking for.

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