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One Of The Handiest Tools You'll Have In Your Bag...Get more accurate exposure readings than with a plain 18% Gray Card.
A MUST HAVE for Wedding Photographers !

Black / White / Gray Exposure Target - Pocket  $4.49 was $5.99

Shipping & Handling  [GA residents subject to 7.00% Sales Tax]

 USPS USA Domestic First Class: $2.25 ($0.75 each additional Set)

 USPS USA Domestic Priority: $5.25 ($0.75 each additional Set)

 USPS International First Class: $4.05 ($1.50 each additional Set)

 USPS International Priority: $17.05 ($1.50 each additional Set)

Please Contact Us For Volume Orders or Special Shipping Arrangements

Click here for the LARGE version

(Item is a set of 2 Pocket size Exposure Targets)

Also available in our Digital Pocket Pack
Also available in our Digital Exposure Pack
Also available in our Digital Value Pack

*** Newly Improved ***

  • Centered "Focusing Target" for auto focus cameras.

  • Now with a centered Macro Target for macro shooting.

  • Back can be used for "Custom White Balance" measurements.

  • RGB values printed in each color section.

Laminated Durability and Weather Proof

Uses the 3 standard grayscale colors...Black, White, and Gray (simulates 18% Gray).

The Target is 4" x 6" with 4" x 6" x 5 mil Lamination.

Our products are professionally manufactured using Pigment Base Inks.

Don't be fooled by color cards...Digital Cameras don't see color !
They see Gray-Scale, and use software & electronic filters to convert to color.
Use a tool that is based on what your camera see's, Black, White & Gray.

Great for pinpoint sharp focusing !
For Manual Focus shots, place this Target in your photo, focus,
then remove the Target and take the shot !
This Target is perfect for Split-Prism focus screens.

Indispensable for setting 'Levels' during photo processing !
Place this Target in your shot and take a picture.  Then remove the Target,
and take the final shot.  Afterwards, use the picture with the Target to
determine any 'Levels' corrections needed in your photo processing
software.  An even better way is to place the Target at a point in the shot
that will be cropped out later.

Looking for accurate Auto-Exposure readings ?
Place this Target in your shot, zoom in so the Target fills about half
the frame, and take a picture in your camera's Auto Mode.
You can now use your camera's Auto-Exposure settings in Manual mode.

Custom White Balance measurements !
Use the back side of the Target for setting custom White Balance.
Follow the instructions in your camera's manual.

Usage Instructions !
As with other tools of this type, always tilt the Target back or to one side a few
degrees to avoid flash reflection hot spots. Avoid using the Target with close up,
non-diffused flash lighting. If this can not be avoided, tilt the Target a little more.

GEP Store does not make any warranty that use of this product
will guarantee the quality of photo's taken by the user.


Looking for MORE Exposure Histogram information ?

Standard 18% Gray Cards give you one Mid-Tone spike.

Our Exposure Target gives you THREE.

One for Black (shadows), one for Mid-Tone (Gray),
and one for White (highlights).

Adjust your settings to center the 3 spikes within the histogram and shoot.

Quickly see if your highlights have fallen off.

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