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Now you can carry your Digital Camera Sensor cleaning kit in your shirt pocket, with the SensorKlear by LensPen .
Use it at the studio or on location.

SensorKLEAR Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning Pen  $12.99 was $13.99

Shipping & Handling  [GA residents subject to 7.00% Sales Tax]

 USPS USA Domestic First Class: $2.25 ($0.75 each additional Pen)

 USPS USA Domestic Priority: $5.25 ($0.75 for each additional Pen)

 USPS International First Class: $4.05 ($1.50 each additional Pen)

 USPS International Priority: $17.05 ($1.50 for each additional Pen)

Please Contact Us For Volume Orders or Special Shipping Arrangements

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This product is used by the Canon Service Centers !

There is no doubt about it...Digital Camera Sensors get DIRTY.
They need to be cleaned periodically, but who can afford to send their
camera to a factory service center every few months ?

You no longer have to FEAR cleaning your sensor !

SensorKLEAR uses the LensPen brush and patented cleaning compound
to safely and effectively clean the sensors on digital cameras.
The product is environmentally friendly and the compound will not spill or dry out.

Keep one in your bag, and one at your studio !

LensPen SensorKLEAR is simple to use, convenient and proven safe
and effective for digital camera sensors.

  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
  • Handy, high quality retractable cleaning brush.
  • Unique cleaning compound will not spill or dry out.
  • Nothing cleans sensors better than a LensPen SensorKlear.

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