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Wedding Photographers…Don't let the important shots get away !
Here is a comprehensive list of all the standard Wedding Poses in a pocket size format.

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Wedding Pose Pocket Reference Cards©  $3.99 was $4.99

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 USPS USA Domestic First Class: $2.25 ($0.75 each additional Set)

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You Get 3 Double Sided Cards + Vinyl Holder

Laminated Durability and Weather Proof !

The Cards are 3" x 5" with 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" Lamination, come in a protective sleeve,
and fit nicely into your Shirt Pocket or Camera Bag.

No need to carry bulky books, or large reference cards...

These cards break it down for you into the major phases of a wedding;

"Pre-Ceremony", "Ceremony", "Post Ceremony" and "Reception"

Each section has a detailed list of suggested poses that have been used by
professional photographers for years.

Card #1 also includes a special Photographer's Technical Reference section with useful
information for making exposure setup's and corrections;

Typical Lens / Zoom Focal Lengths for Film and 1.6x Digital Crop Factors for
"Full Body", "Torso", "Head & Shoulders", "Head Only" poses.
Standard Apertures, Standard Shutter Speeds,  and Standard ISO Speeds.

Weddings can get pretty crazy and rushed.  You need to do everything you can to make sure you get all the shots.  You can't be looking down at a book or large list.  You need to be able to quickly check to see if you've forgotten a shot, and look professional while doing it.  These cards let you do just that !

One photographer bought the cards, punched a hole in one corner, and attached them to a "wrist" style key ring.  He keeps them hanging from his wrist during the entire event !

How will you use them ?

Make sure all your photographers & assistants are carrying these cards !

These Wedding Pose Cards are meant to be used as a quick reference guide only.
They are not meant to be used as an absolute list of pictures for all weddings. Each photographer and wedding is different, and requires it's own unique set of photos. The photographer is solely responsible for the pictures that they take for any wedding or other event.

You Get 3 Double Sided Cards + Vinyl Holder

Card 1 - Side A


Photographer's Technical Reference

Card 1 - Side B


Card 2 - Side A

Post Ceremony -
Formal Portraits

Card 2 - Side B

Post Ceremony -
Family Photos

Post Ceremony -

Card 3 - Side A

Reception -
Formal Pictures

Card 3 - Side B

Reception -
Dance Coverage & Candid's

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