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Correct White Balance is KEY to achieving professional looking photographs.
This handy tool gives you a fast, and easy, White Balance measurement.

White Balance Disk / Lens Cap

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 52mm - $8.99 ea. was $9.99

 58mm - $8.99 ea. was $9.99

 62mm - $9.99 ea. was $10.99

 67mm - $9.99 ea. was $10.99

 72mm - $10.99 ea. was $11.99

 77mm - $10.99 ea. was $11.99

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(Camera MUST have custom or manual white balance setting feature)

These lens caps are great for digital cameras. Just attach to the front of your lens, point at the subject area, and the light is diffused to create an average white balance for that particular scene.
(Check camera manufacturer's manual for setting White Balance)

Attaining the proper White Balance is key to professional looking photographs.
The Auto White Balance setting WILL NOT get you the results you want !
To truly achieve proper color, you MUST set the White Balance manually, before taking the picture.

Yes, you can shoot raw, and then fix later, but why spend the time ?
Instead, just set the proper White Balance, and you're done !

This tool will save you many hours of post processing time, in your photo software.

Slips on to the front of any lens, or filter.  If your lens has bayonet threads on the outside, simply use the adapter provided.

Comes with a handy loop to connect to a camera strap, or strap lug, so you don't lose the cap.

Available in 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm

It can even be used in place of a lens cap !


  • White Balance Cap
  • Bayonet Adapter Ring
  • Strap / Loop

See Product Support Information for usage instructions

GEP Store does not make any warranty that use of this product
will guarantee the quality of photo's taken by the user.

See the difference...

Poor Color Using Auto White Balance
Accurate Color Using Custom White Balance

(Lens is not included)

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