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Support Page: Instructions - 18% Gray MicroFiber Lens Cloth


Unlike a rigid cardboard or plastic Gray, our lens cloth will not be effected by wrinkles or creases.

These instructions are generalized for setting Custom White Balance using an 18% Gray product.  Please refer to you camera's instruction manual for specific details for setting Custom White Balance for your particular equipment.

Please note - Your camera must allow you to set a Custom White Balance !

  1. Lay out, hang, or have your subject hold the cloth in the same area where the picture is to be taken and in the same light (flash or ambient).
  2. Stand back so that when the camera is fully zoomed in, the cloth fills at least 75% of the frame.
  3. Take a picture of the subject area.
  4. Refer to cameral manual for setting Custom White Balance.

GEP Store does not make any warranty that use of this product will guarantee the quality of photo's taken by the user.

If you have any further questions, or problems, please contact us for FREE Technical Support !


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