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Our Baseball Umpire Pocket Reference Cards give you a quick reference on the field, without having to carry a Rule Book !

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Baseball Umpire Pocket Reference Cards  $3.49 was $4.49

Shipping & Handling  [GA residents subject to 7.00% Sales Tax]

 USPS USA Domestic First Class: $2.25 ($0.75 each additional Set)

 USPS USA Domestic Priority: $5.25 ($0.75 each additional Set)

 USPS International First Class: $4.05 ($1.50 each additional Set)

 USPS International Priority: $17.05 ($1.50 each additional Set)

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Also available in our Booklet/Card 2 Pack
Also available in our Booklet/Card 3 Pack

You Get 3 Laminated Double Sided Cards + A Clear Vinyl Sleeve

Laminated for Durability and Weather Proof

No need to carry bulky books...


  • Easier to read.
  • Easier to remove from, and insert back into the protective sleeve.
  • Easier to handle and find in your Ball Bag.
  • Still fits easily into your Shirt Pocket.

The cards are 3" x 5" with 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" Lamination, come in a protective sleeve,
and fit nicely into your Shirt Pocket or Ball Bag.

They apply to all leagues based on Official Baseball Rules, and playing on a 90' Diamond.
(Including NFHS)

Perfect for NEW Umpires...A great REVIEW for experienced Umpires.

These cards also make great study guides.

Umpires / Associations, make sure you don't step out onto the field without these cards !

You Get 3 Double Sided Cards + Vinyl Holder

Card 1 (both sides)

Base Awards

We list all the official base awards for Batters and Runners.

This list is perfect for new umpires still learning the rules.  It's also great for those situations that don't come up very often.

Included is award timing -
"Time of Pitch"
"Time of Infraction"

Card 2 (both sides)

Basic 2 Man Crew

Learning the mechanics for multiple umpires can be confusing at first.

This card tells you where you should be and what your responsibilities are for common situations.

Great for reviewing during the Umpire's Pre-Game Meeting.

Card 3 (side 1)

Umpire Pre-Game Meeting

Know what to review with your partners in your pre-game meeting.

Card 3 (side 2)

Plate Meeting

A nice checklist of what to cover with the team Coaches at the Plate Meeting.

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