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Support Page: Instructions - Exposure Targets


As with other tools of this type, always tilt the target back or to one side a few degrees to avoid flash reflections. Avoid using the target with close up, with non-diffused flash lighting. If this can not be avoided, tilt the target a little more. Even if you get a hot spot in one of the corners, you should still get good values in the other areas of the target.

Like any Reflective Metering Tool (such as an 18% Gray Card), it must be slightly tilted to prevent any reflections from the flash, returning to the camera.

If your flash is directly mounted on the camera, you can tilt it in any direction.

If you are using off-camera flash, tilt is in the same direction the flash is coming from. Example: If the flash is mounted up high, tilt the target upward about 1 degree.

The technique of tilting the target is exactly the same as for using a standard 18% Gray Card. Most people do not realize that they too develop a hot spot if they are positioned perpendicular to the camera. The other problem with an 18% Gray Card is digital cameras are calibrated at 12% reflectance, not 18%. This causes your camera to underexpose. Our target completely eliminates that problem, because you really don't need to concern yourself with the mid-tone (middle) spike. Just center the two outer spikes.

GEP Store does not make any warranty that use of this product will guarantee the quality of photo's taken by the user.

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